Professor D'Ascoli


Humanities, Art History, Logic, World Religions, Intro to Philosophy & Critical Thinking/Applied Ethics

PHI 2604 Power Points

Unit I - Moral Theories and Introduction                                           Unit VIII - Feminist Perspectives
Introduction                                                                                         Historical feminism
Common Ethical Theories                                                                     Care Ethics
                                                                                                            Care vs Justice Ethics
Unit II - Applied Ethics Topic - Abortion                                           
Abortion                                                                                               Unit IX - Freedom of Speech
                                                                                                            Corporations and Free Speech  
Unit III - Applied Ethics Topic - Genetics/Cloning                            Computers and Free Speech Personhood                                                                                         Freedom of Expression and the Internet
Genetic Engineering                                                                             Pornography and email and Free Speech
Stem Cells                                                                                            Child Pornography

Unit IV - Applied Ethics Topic - Euthanasia                                      Unit X - Race and Global Discrimination
Euthanasia                                                                                          Ethics of Diversity
                                                                                                            Ethics of the Work Place
Unit V - Applied Ethics Topic - Death Penalty                                   Ethics of Globalization
Death Penalty                                                                                      Race and Ethics
                                                                                                            Police Policy and Ethics
Unit VI - Applied Ethics Topic - Drugs/Alcohol/Addiction
Alcohol and Family                                                                               Unit XI - War and Terrorism
Legalizing Marijuana                                                                           Ethics of War
Prohibition                                                                                           Just War
                                                                                                           Ethics of Torture
Unit VII - Sexuality and Marriage                                                    Patriot Act
Sexual Ethics                                                                                    
Same Sex Marriage                                                                             Unit XII - Animals and Environmental Ethics
Women and Sexuality                                                                         Intro to Animal Welfare
Virtue Ethics and Sexuality                                                                 Animal Welfare Ethics
Utilitarianism and Sexuality                                                                 Livestock Ethics
                                                                                                           Treatment of Animals
                                                                                                           Intro to Environmental Ethics
                                                                                                           Religious Views of Animals and Environment
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