Professor D'Ascoli


Humanities, Art History, Logic, World Religions, Intro to Philosophy & Critical Thinking/Applied Ethics

PHI 2010 PowerPoints

Unit I - Introduction and Historical Background                                      Unit VI - Freedom/Free Will
What is Philosophy? Why Study It?                                                            Freewill and Freedom
Plato and Socrates
The Euthyphro and Socrates                                                                      Unit VII and VIII- Axiology and Ethics
Plato's Republic                                                                                          Axiology and Ethics
                                                                                                                   Unit IX - Political and Social Philosophy
Unit II and III - Epistemology                                                                  Political and Social Philosophy
Rationalist Epistemology
Empirical Epistemology                                                                              Unit X - Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
                                                                                                                  Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
Unit IV - Ontology
Mind Body Self
Meaning of Life

Unit V - Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Religion
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