Professor D'Ascoli


Humanities, Art History, Logic, World Religions, Intro to Philosophy & Critical Thinking/Applied Ethics

Course Papers

HUM 1020 and HIS 201

Paper 1 - Art Analysis
can be found below, it is due on week 3 or 5 - depending on course length. Remember to focus on describing the art work in your own words and also on discussing why you like or hate it.

Art Analysis Paper

Paper 2 - Concert Review can be found below, it is due on week 7 or 10. Remember it must be a live event and cannot be any other music type than those listed in the assignment.

Live Concert Review

Paper 3 - Film As Art can be found below, it is due week 11 or 15. Remember the film can only be chosen from the included list. It is a film as art review and NOT a movie review.

Film as Art

PHI 2604 Papers

Paper 1 - Midterm Paper
Philosopher Ethical Theory. Instructions below. Due Week 6 or 10 depending on course length. 10-15 Pages.

Ethical Theory

Presentation Option 
Ethical Theory Option instead if midterm paper. Instructions below. 15 minutes. 

Presentation Theory 

Paper 2 - Final Paper
Ethical debate paper. Instructions below. Due Week 12 or 15. 15-20 pages. 

Ethical Debate
PHI 2010 Papers

Paper 1 - Midterm Paper
Individual Philosopher Paper Instructions below. Due at Midterm. 

Individual Philosopher

Paper 2 - Final Paper
Philosophical debate paper. Due End of term. Instructions below. 

Presentation Instructions

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